A new brand. A fresh perspective.

As Pennsylvania’s third largest city, Allentown’s population is growing. Our economy is surging. And our diverse community is innovative and filled with opportunity.

It’s time to redefine Allentown with a new brand that demonstrates who we are, what we stand for, and all we offer. Our new logo mirrors our waterways and reflects our city’s welcoming nature. And our themeline speaks to our wide-ranging strengths and attributes that, together, are all inspiring.

The Elements of Positive Change

Our new brand is vibrant, energized and full of possibility. Here’s a quick look at key design elements.

Brand Colors

Brand Colors

We start with our city’s flag as inspiration, then add in pops of color for contrast and excitement. For greater depth, there’s a second palette of monochromatic hues.



Using the lls in the logo, these clever, whimsical icons connect our city’s brand with our key attributes: community, culture, cuisines, nature, and businesses.



Multi-colored, patterned illustrations enrich our story by visually weaving Allentown’s people, history and resources together.

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Bringing it All Together


Spread the Word about a Better Allentown For All.

The more people share how vibrant and promising our city is, the better. To start incorporating Allentown’s new brand into your materials, download our logo and brand materials.

If you need help with a specific design issue, please contact us.